Remodeling, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, Windows and Doors

Buskirk Construction offers several services to home owners in Southeastern Wisconsin, South Central Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois.


Whether you need one wall of new cabinets, a completely new kitchen or more than one room remodeled, we can do it. Our home remodeling services are the best in the area. We begin with a detailed consultation about your wants and needs, schedule an appointment, and give you an estimate of time and cost. Upon completion of the project, we test and inspect everything we install and clean up the area so your home is ready to go.


Buskirk Construction builds, rebuilds, repairs, and remodels every part of your kitchen. We install cabinets, sinks, and built-in dishwashers, along with appliances. We build tile backsplashes and countertops. Our construction experts install ceiling fans and other light fixtures as well as flooring.


Complete the bathroom in your newly constructed Kenosha home or upgrade your current bathroom with Buskirk Construction. We install new tile for floors and showers, put in bathtubs and shower stalls, install toilets with energy efficient plumbing, install new sinks, and more. Whether it’s a small half bath or a luxurious master bathroom, we have a wide range of bathroom construction products to achieve any design.


Growing families, lifestyle changes, and the desire to change things up require additions to your home or business. We’ve created many types of Wisconsin and Illinois home additions including extra bedrooms, sunrooms, porches, decks, garages, carports, bathrooms, and more. Whether you have a detailed plan or no idea where to start, Buskirk Construction can work with you. We can create anything from a few feet of extra space to store your belongings to completely new rooms.

Basement Remodeling & Construction

Many times, the older the home, the less effort was put in to make the basement a place to spend time in. Basements used to be about function only—laundry, storage, space for the water heater and furnace, and not much else. Modern home owners want to entertain guests, have a second living room or additional bedroom, and enjoy time in their basements. Buskirk Construction takes unfinished basements or bare space and turns them into comfortable, fun rooms of your home. We also finish basement construction for homes that don’t have a completed basement at all. We can make the basement as simple or elaborate as you want, creating a detailed floor plan for your home.

Windows & Doors

Our Kenosha construction company installs and sells windows and doors. This includes your exterior screen and main doors, interior room doors, and all types of windows. Choose from bay windows, sliding glass doors, small kitchen and bathroom windows, frosted glass, basement windows, and the standard bedroom window. Whether you need one door or window or want everything in your home replaced, our construction team will get it done right.

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